A False Fairy Tale

Once there was a special girl
Who I needed far more than she needed me.
Under a disguise of an unknowing
The dynamic morphed into a different shape.
Thump, thump, thump went the heart
Each moment flashing images
Or so I thought

Cant we go back
  to the way things were
    before I messed it up
      with my pounding heart.

Was I only good when you needed someone to care and listen?

The silver lining in a world of misery.
The feeling between us was only story.
Rain falls from the sky
Washing away memories
As they float by.
I only wanted to hear you voice.
But no answer has a limited choice.

Was it love or just the feeling of being needed by another person?

I was always there
  to hear you complain
     and make you feel at ease
       by taking away the pain
To give you suggestions
  on how to deal.
    No matter what I thought
      the illusion wasn't real.

Did I imagine more than actually existed between us?

You need time figure yourself out
and what you need to achieve.
I came to terms with myself long ago
and know what I need

I thought it was you.
I wanted it to be us.
The boat got rocked.
The situation got tossed.

Is being numb better than mending a broken heart?

 Copyright 2010
by Sean Kimmel

For more go to www.seankimmel.com
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